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TalkWrite will be live at 6:30 Eastern, with our guest Randall Wood, author, and creator of Scribe Count, the reporting app of choice for wide authors. We’re going to talk about how it works and unpack some new features.

The TalkWrite Show has moved to Tuesday nights through the end of the spring semester, as our producer has late classes on Mondays.
Tonight's guests will be David Berens, president-elect of NINC, and his narrator, Craig Hart.
Live tonight, 2/6, at 6:30 Eastern.

TalkWrite is live in ten minutes with our guest Damon Courtney from Book Funnel, to talk about direct ebook and audiobook sales for indie authors.
Go to YouTube and search for my name.

TalkWrite is LIVE!
With guests AJ Stewart and his narrator Paul Heitsch.

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TalkWrite, Season 4, Episode 8