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About TalkWrite Podcast

This is the Talk Write Podcast, where once a month, we will bring you live interviews with some of your favorite authors, narrators, and industry professionals. Our focus will be on storytelling, in both the written word as well as speech. We’ll talk about characters, plots, best business practices, and eventually devolve into boating and adventures.

Your hosts, Wayne Stinnett and Nick Sullivan have worked together for over five years, writing and recording 23 of Wayne’s books through the ACX platform. Nick is the voice of hundreds of other audiobooks, as well as being a veteran actor of both stage and screen, as well as becoming an accomplished novelist. Aside from his writing, well, Wayne’s just a boat bum at heart. Some episodes may be remotely joined by either hosts or guests from some faraway exotic location. So, make yourself a drink, sit back and relax, and let us tell you a story. And expect bloopers and mistakes. We’re live!

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